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Family Day Out: Hawkhurst Fishery >> Lovely lakeside cafe, scones, a tasty full English breakfas (from experience).

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Latest: iFish Fly Fair 22nd November 2014, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
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Tandridge Fishing LakeFrensham Trout Fishing Lakes

Frensham trout fishing lakes (also know as Robinswood) are located on the Hampshire / Surrey border, within a secluded wooded valley. Lakes are stocked twice a week with trout from 2lb to double figures. The fisheries current record is 21lb Rainbow trout and a 19 1/2lb brown trout.


Five Oaks Fishing Lakes

Five Oaks Fishing Lakes

Five Oaks Fishery is made up of 3 fishing lakes located in the heart of West Sussex between the charming towns of Billingshurst and Horsham. The lakes are in unspoilt countryside allowing for a peaceful days fishing.


Tandridge Fishing LakeTandridge Fishing Lake, Surrey

A charming and well maintained lake that has been established over 10 years. The water is stocked with carp up to 30lb, stunning bream to 7lb, tench, roach, rudd and a few other fish species.


Charlies Coarse Fishing Lake

Charlies Coarse Fishing Lake, Hampshire

Charlies lake is set in the charming Hampshire countryside near Andover in the village of charlton. The water is over 3 acres in size, spring fed and surround by woodland. The lake is stocked with a mix of fish species holding carp to 20lb, bream to 6lb, tench to 4lb, 20lb pike, along with chub, perch, ghost carp and roach barbel have also recently been introduced.



Fishon Tackle Tackle Shop, Kent

Fishon tackle shop is located just 10 minutes off the A21, in between Paddock wood and Tonbridge in Kent. The shop caters for all anglers whether, carp, match, sea, predator or game fishing. The store stock leading manufacturers like Drennan, Nash, Trakker, Jag, Century, Korda, Shimano, Chub, Greys, Thinking Anglers, ESP, Aqua....

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Stammerham Lakes

Stammerham Farm Fishing Lakes - Newdigate, West Sussex (Matches Only)

Stammerham Farm fishing lakes is made up of 3 match fishing waters that are all stocked with similar fish species including common, mirror and ghost carp up to 20lb, along with a good mix of sizeable match fish. The fishery solely runs fishing matches (no day tickets). The lakes are set in acres of farm land that provides grazing for both horse and sheep.


Deans Farm Fishing Lakes

Dean House Farm Fishing Lakes | Newdigate Estate, Surrey

Located in the village of Newdigate is Dean House Farm Fishery which is made up of 4 fishing lakes: Snake Lake, Paddock Lake, Copse Lake and Centre Lake. Between the 4 lakes are some lovely specimen fish with carp to 30lb, tench to 8lb, 6lb golden orfe along with catfish to 20lb and pike to 30lb for the predator angler.

Tanhouse Farm shop is close to the fishery where you can grab a breakfast or lunch all freshly prepared.


Greens Farm Fishing Lakes

Greens Farm Fishing Lakes | Newdigate Estate, Surrey

Greens Farm is located in the village of Newdigate, the fishery has 2 fishing lakes that are set in 220 acres agricultural and woodland. Both lakes are good size with Bean lake is the largest at 6 acres, the water is popular with carp anglers and holds good size mirror, common and ghost carp to 45lb. Guinea lake is slightly smaller at 5 acres in size.


Woodpeckers FisheryWoodpeckers Fishery, West Sussex

Woodpeckers fishing lakes are located near Crawley in West Sussex, the fishery is made up of 4 lakes (Woodpeckers, Ospreys, Newts Predator Pond and Pennys Pond). The waters hold a good mix of fish species with Ghost carp, commons, koi, mirror carp to nearly 30lb, tench and bream to 7lb, perch to 5lb+, chub to 4lb, barbel, pike, roach, rudd...


Old Quarry Lake

Old Quarry Lake, Surrey

Located in the charming village of Betchworth is Old Quarry Lake. A day ticket water that holds some good specimen fish with carp up to 30lb, tench to 10lb, bream to 6lb, roach to 3lb and perch to 5lb. The lake also offers some excellent pike fishing during the winter months.


Tillingbourne Coarse and Trout Fishing LakesTillingbourne Coarse and Trout Fishing Lakes, Surrey

Tillingbourne Trout Farm is made up of 2 onsite trout fishing ponds, 1 onsite coarse fishing lake (frog island fishery)and an offsite 3 1/2 acre water (Furze Farm Fishery) which holds some stunning carp to 36lb, bream to 14lb and tench to nearly 10lb.


River Eden, Kent

River Eden, Kent

River Eden is a tributary of the River Medaway. River Eden runs from the edge of Surrey through Kent to where it flows into the river Medway at Penshurst. Some of the more popular fish species include Eels, Pike, Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Chub . Sizes of fish varies as with all rivers they are a bit of an unknown. The river is fairly narrow in size


Busses Farm LakeBusses Fishing Ponds, Rookery Angling Club

Located on the outskirts of East Grinstead is Busses Farm Ponds a venue that is run by Rookery angling club. The fishing venue is made up of 2 ponds that are around 1/2 an acre each in size. Little is known about the venue's fish species as the water is relatively unknown other than there are stocks of carp, rudd and roach. Features to fish include marginal reeds, overhanging shrubs and a small island.


North Farm Pool

North Farm Pool, Marle Green - Southdown Angling Club

North Farm Pool is a picturesque and peaceful 3 acre water that is located between Hellingly and Horam. This club fishing venue is stocked with common, ghost and mirror carp into the high doubles, large eels, good sized perch, roach, rudd, bream and a few tench. The lake has many features to fish including lilly beds and overhanging shrubs and trees.